Youth Skills Development Program


Youth Lessons

Two Weekly Lessons For Youth Aged 5-18

This is a great value and experience for your children. We offer “small group” coaching sessions to develop skills from the basics all the way up to competitive racing.  Kids start with the basic strides on classic skis and can work their way up to skiing over time. Parents can go for a ski while your child is in class, help with another class (and learn!)  or you can wait at the lodge.

There are a couple steps to registering.

  1. It works best if your child has a youth seasons pass OR you purchase a family seasons pass.
  2. If your child doesn’t have skis, you can rent them for the season for $120. This option is on the second page of the seasons pass page.
  3. Every child in the Skills Development Program is required to be a member and this is administered on the seasons pass page as well. buy membership and skills development program

If you have questions, please ask us using the form below.

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